Nollywood Actors, Zubby Michael and Junior Pope have lambasted Annie Idibia for bringing her marital problems to social media.

Last night, Annie took to her social media age to publicly call out her husband, singer Tuface Idibia, for sleeping in the same house with his baby mama, Pero Osayemi, while he went to see his children.

She also revealed that she’s been patient enough but the truth is, she married into a wicked family who never like her from the beginning.

Zubby while reacting to her post, wrote;

”Any woman that calls you out online is a wrong woman no matter what because a GOD fearing woman with home training will understand that this space is just like a market square. NDI ala NDI ala”

Junior Pope on his part wrote

”No Marriage Wahala Brought To Social Media Has Ever Gotten Resolved Amicably..Instead it is the begining of the END….Take your marriage issues to your parents/ marriage counsellors….NEVER ON SOCIAL MEDIA”


  1. Zubby, tho I am one of your fan doesn’t mean I shouldn’t correct you when you tpyed wrong message. Annie is a very strong woman, forget about 2face having money or been a celebrity will you be able marry a woman who has given birth to children and to deferent men? If you can not put your self in her shoes imaging your sister been in her shoes. Common…na woman born you no be for up you fall,that woman is passing through hell and am very sure 2face will be having sex with his babies mama. Trust me when I say no woman will be able to tolerate that and as for junior pop, my guy… I hail you. Reading your comments show how responsible you are. It shows you are a good son, a good husband and a good father pls keep it up♥️. even the way zubby put his own advice eh na to put more fuel for the fire make e dey burn.wait o 🤔 abi you want make Annie tek step wey Anita of the psuare brother wife tek?

  2. Which school did you attend Juliet???
    Their statement was neither against Annie or 2face and they never took parts…they were simply against the act of taking marital issues to social media. Infact publicly displaying issues which are meant to be private; that’s immaturity.

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