In one of his contentious social media nuggets, Nigerian lawyer and author, Reno Omokri has admonished men to desist from financially helping women who are not their wife, daughter, mother or unmarried sister.

According to him, women are not scarce but what’s scare are good women and good women will not demand financial maintenance.

He wrote,

Dear men,

Women are not scarce. What is scarce are good women. And good women do not demand financial maintenance, except they are your wife, daughter, mother, or unmarried sister. Any other woman demanding financial assistance from you CANNOT be a good woman!

This won’t be the first time Reno would advise men against some peculiar kind of women. A little while ago, he shared the most foolish decision a single man looking for a relationship can make.

According to Reno, dating a jobless woman who is also high maintenance as a guy trying to be successful, is a terrible idea.

In his words;

Dear single men,

Dating an unemployed lady who is also high maintenance is the most foolish thing you can do. It is like paying to carry a burden. Listen, women are not rare. 50% of the population are women. Stop dating a liability no matter her sensuality! Never think that relationships with women are hard to come by. Not true. Success is hard to come by. A job is hard to come by. Millionaire status is hard to come by. Prioritise. Focus on things that are harder to get. Once your tree has fruit, many low maintenance high quality women will gather under it!

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