Neighbor slams

A lady who claims to be a neighbor to popular car dealer, Ikechukwu Ogbonna better known as IVD, and his late wife, Bimbo, has slammed him for threatening to commit suicide over the incident.

Recall that Bimbo passed away on Saturday, October 15, as a result of the injuries she sustained from a fire incident that occurred in their home. Bimbo was said to have suffered the burn injuries during a fight with her husband.

Neighbor slams

In a new development, IVD who is reportedly in police custody in connection with his wife’s death, took to his Instagram page to make a suicide threat.

He said he doesn’t have a reason to live anymore because his wife is dead and he hasn’t seen his children in over a month.

He wrote on his Instastory,

“Not seen my kids, my Girls For A Month and 1 week now, After Hours i if don’t speak or hear from kids am taking my life,life is Empty with out my wife and kids,why am I still living, Guess it’s time to End it All”

See below,

However, a lady claiming to be an acquittance of the couple who took Bimbo to the hospital after the fire incident, went live on Instagram to lambaste IVD for pretending to care about his family when he didn’t show an iota of care for them before now.

She also claimed that IVD left his wife in her care when she was languishing in pain and clearly stated that he doesn’t care if she lives or dies, and now he’s trying to emotionally manipulate people into thinking he was a good father and husband.

Watch her speak below,

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