Could these be the possible reasons why our stunning Lagos babes are still single? I stumbled upon this opinion online and for what it’s worth, some of the reasons may be true.

Do you agree? Read below:

1. Men presume they’re already taken

This is a number one reason most of the hottest girls in Lagos are still single. A lot of men assume that because the girl is pretty, has an education, makes her own money, and seems happy, she must already be taken so they give up even before they start.

They do not bother to get close to the girl or even ask her out as they feel they would be fighting an already lost battle.

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  1. 1st of all who even told u they want to get marry? Secondly no guys want to marry them bcus they (girls) re hot, these hot girls re looking for rich and handsome guys, to me they re not even good for marriage they just good for the sex, unless u want to give urself heart attack

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