Big Brother has given a new twist to the ‘secret task’ that was assigned to current Head of House, Maria earlier in the week.

Recall that after the former wild card won HOH game and emerged Head of House on Monday, August 16th, she was assigned a secret task convince her housemates that Biggie has scrapped nomination for the week and she has the power to evict two housemates, based on how they impress her.

Well during Maria’s diary session today, August 20th Biggie instructed her announce her bottom six to the house, and instruct them to pack up for eviction.

She’s expected to name six housemates who least impressed her according to her scoreboard, instruct ask them to pack and keep their luggage in the store while they await their fate on Sunday.

“Big Brother has an additional mission for you. On Sunday morning, you are to address the house and announce your bottom-six housemates, that is, the six housemates who least impressed you this week.

“You must tell them to pack their bags and deliver them into the storeroom as they await their final verdict.” Biggie told Maria.

Watch video below,

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