The Official Sponsor of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show, Payporte is quite displeased with CeeC’s actions today over the traditional outfit given to her by the brand.

CeeC tagged the traditional outfit as rubbish, and she took scissors to cut the outfit to a crop top, and then rocked it with a skirt for the Saturday Night party today.

In her words, she said: “I have never seen such a thing in my life… Can’t believe someone wasted energy to sew this thing.”.. Then she continued, “Na person sit down do this thing o”

Apparently, the outfits given to all the housemates were used to represent the country’s diverse culture.. and hers was that of the Calabar’s.

“This is a Calabar Bridal attire belonging to the Calabar people of Cross River State, Nigeria. This simple yet well accessorised outfit was designed and made by the creative hands at PayPorte Production.”, Payporte had earlier described her outfit on Instagram.

Followers of the show have tagged her actions as “ungrateful” and rude, with many calling on the organizers of the show to take actions against her.

Payrote has quickly responded to her action on their Official Instagram page.. They wrote: “PayPorte is very dis-pleased by the comments made by @ceec_official about the outfit given to her. We take out time to style all housemates with respect to the theme of every Saturday party. We consider this a disrespect to our brand and consider this offensive.”

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edwinebele: CeCe knows what is good for her, how can you expect her to be comfortable with over size dress like that. Payporte should applaud her for doing justice to the cloth

clara_chuks: F-ck that shit..this ceec is something else..watching d show now..she’s so lookn beautiful with her redefined dress..lwkm.

switshona: I don’t even know the culture Ceec represents with this her improvised outfit??

calypsonicol: She has no right to cut the dress is not good she likes exposing her body she did it last week and this week again hmmmm this stupid gal is to full of herself ??she must receive a punishment for this

nechezech: For christ sake people, even if the cloth is ugly, she didn’t pay for it, did she? Almost every saturday, Cee c gets one of best clothes for free! And this one time she gets this one, she makes a very rude comment. Cee c fans justifying her ‘ungrateful’ action should stop please… What the heck is actually wrong with you people!!! Many hMs hv at one point gotten what they didn’t like… But then again they know its FREE. Cee c is a b-tch.

kristiechoji: Payporte,sry abt dat.U knw Ceec runz her mouth lik tap uncontrolable,always feelin nt jst rite bt perfect.She doesnt appreciate plp nt 2 talk of dress(non livin tin).D dress is cool by me n i’m sure u took tym 2 dress evry hse mate.Each person represents a tribe ders notin wrng wit dt.I said it b4 n i wl say it again,i dnt knw y biggie kept dis girl in d hse 4 dis long,she has done 2much 2hv been sent hom bt…..She has a prblm probably biggie feels is beyound repair datz y shes nt givin medical attentn.

floxy_tush: This is so disrespectful,for crying out this Hm did not pay a damn for this outfit…jux imagine how she destroy the outfit, she need to be puinsh for this…

iambolz_: What annoys me the most are those supporting this her rubbish act! Gosh!…. When they give Nina one awkward outfit for old school party, Nina still wore it happily coz she doesn’t av a choice but madam Cee-C, No! Nonsense!!

ashavinsharon: I wonder how u all can be supporting ceec,even if the cloth is bad she would ve manged it or she for wear er own cloth,she didn’t buy the dress,it’s not er money and she is not the only person they ve given a bad dress to or a dress that doesn’t fit. This is so disrespectful ND uncalled for, she needs to take a chill pill abeg.u guys should stop justifying this

kumasheivy: I totally agree… N if she isn’t penalised for this den Big brother naija is a scam… it’s not as if they gave u for your wedding … nonsense

seyifunmi_a: This girl complains about everything they give her, For God sake they don’t pay to get clothes from payporte.

vet_mercy: Truth is when you genuinely gift someone an item, you just let them be. C’mon! It’s a gift and not collateral. It’s hers now, so she has the right to appreciate and use it her own way.

cyndiorji: Payporte abeg no vex I have said it b4 and am saying it again dis gal called Cee c is cursed… And her disgusting fans if u find dis comment offensive den hug transformer….. What rubbish.

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