Pere angrily punched

Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Pere Egbi, has caused quite a stir after he angrily punched the wall during a heated argument with Doyin in the house.

Their animosity has been brewing since last night when the Parrot, who occasionally spills gossips between the housemates, disclosed a conversation about the love triangle between Pere, his close friend Cross, and their shared love interest, Kim Oprah.

In the discussion among Doyin, Mercy, and Ceec, they asserted that Kim Oprah chose to be with Cross over Pere because Cross gives her more personal space.

Pere angrily punched

They also opined that Pere might not be as bold and confident as he claims to be and described him as a ‘weakling’.

These statement deeply hurt Pere, and he broke down in tears last night, while Venita comforted him.

Subsequently, Doyin admitted to making some of the comments in the conversation but argued that Pere was present when she uttered them, questioning why he was now upset about the disclosure since he was there.

Pere angrily punched

Pere, however, maintained that he was not present during that conversation.

This afternoon, Pere was discussing the incident with Alex when Doyin, who had apparently been eavesdropping, confronted Pere over the version of the story he was sharing with Alex, accusing him of lying.

In her anger, Doyin hurled various insults at Pere, branding him a liar, a phony, and asserting that he has ‘no balls’. Pere, who was visibly angered by her comment, challenged her to repeat her derogatory comments.

Doyin stood her ground, and in a fit of rage, Pere resorted to punching the wall as an outlet for his anger.

Following this outburst, Biggie summoned him to the diary room to seemingly prevent him from doing something crazier.

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