Good evening
Please keep my identity hidden

My friend has been dating two guys,and one of them stays in Nigeria and the other at Dubai.

But she met the one in Nigeria first and he has been a pillar to her, he takes care of her and family members including her education.

Along the line she met a guy that base outside
From Time to time the guy books flight for her to come to the states for visitation

Why I’m in this is because I’m closer to the Nigeria base boyfriend and he has proposed to her already
When I noticed this I adviced my friend about the risk in what she is doing
The last time she visited him at the states he proposed and she accepted also

So I took a bold step and told the Nigeria based guy about everything

Of which he told me that he is aware his fiance is cheating but he is not sure because the girl is been smart and if he ask her while her SIM is on call roaming she always has something to say

When my friend came back she told her parents about the development and they had to call the Nigeria based guy and apologies for dropping the wedding plans

Now the Nigeria based guy is coming for my hand in marriage
I told my friend and she is so against it

What will I do

Remember we did not cheat on her while they were together
I still value my friendship with her and she was of great help to me while at UNICAL

She will be reading this comments
Please keep my identity hidden



  1. my friend first ask God if the man is ur own be4 u do anything,but for me ooooo if the man is for me i will go for the marriage becs so thing have to go bad for so one to be happy,that is God for u


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