21 year old Bobby Shmurda has been in jail since December 2014 for conspiracy to commit a murder.

He was back in court yesterday Jan. 19 and a Manhattan judge denied a request to lower or remove the rapper’s $2 million bail. This is the seventh time Shmurda and his lawyer Alex Spiro have appeared before a judge and failed to get his bail reduced.

According to reports from DNAinfo New York and TMZ, Spiro argued that the $2 million bail was set way too high and is based on a preconceived notion that the Brooklyn rapper is worth millions. A 2014 tax return from Sony revealed that he is worth $427,000.

The Brooklyn native is due back in court on Feb. 16. Meanwhile, check out the $450 (N90k) sneakers by Swiss fashion line Bally, Shmurda wore to court.



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