Boko Haram sect has taken responsibility for the Bomb Blast which occurred few days ago in Kuje and Nyanya area of Abuja.


The first two attacks happened in Kuje, where a suicide bomber attacked a police station while another bomb was detonated at a Kuje market.


The third explosion happened in Nyanya at a bus stop. Several lives were lost and casualties were recorded.

The sect has since shared photos of the men who were responsible for the attacks.



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  1. Buhari has bin vowing earlier b4 he came in2 he is still vowing and promising while boko haram are still bombing n pple are still dyin..A fight is easier wen u are outside d ring nw dat he’s in d ring he shuld please fight..

    • Ijeoma,that buhari said he will defeat boko haram (insha-Allah) dose’nt mean that you too should take a stand by the ring side talking.Securing nigeria and nigerians is not buhari’s business along.It begings from me and you, madam;and subsequently end with mr president.So,gene,get on board the ring,feel the heat and the pains and be save or remain by the ringside to party along with boko haram.The choice is all yours,madam, be wise.

  2. Pls i need more bombing boz pls hit it harder next time use rocket bomb for accuracy. Up boko haram till Biafra come.

    • @Akim, hahahahahaaaaa! Funny u. Is dat suppose to be trait or wat? Common! Stop been child. Ooops! Hope u wil put it in CNN and BBC. Somebody else wil print urs too. U urself shud beta watch wat u say. Beware!!!

    • If our security forces needs to fight boko haram they need to come on blogs to trace and arrest people like Ozioma so as to serve as scape goats to other tribal & ethnic bigots

    • Arresting me is like Arresting the whole Biafra land hahaha if Nigeria whant peace then they should let Biafra go or they should get ready to see the Ten bombing plague i will Bring on them #tag person they carry land for head? Hmmm NO!!!

  3. Pls All Biafrans are Igbos it and was the British that made names like Rumumashi and Rumuokoro which they did after the war but its real name is Umumashi and Umuokoro so dont be decieve by the creation of state and region like Niger delta are all Igbos and know you that before Niger Delta was called Eastern Nigeria before Gowon diveded it to form Niger delta ok let me ask you this do Igbos from Abia speak the same tongue from Anambra and Enugu the answer is no but that does not make them different so Niger delta is not a name of person but a name of land topography and be wise all Biafrans are Igbos and all Igbos are Hebreews.

  4. Which one are we to believe. Isis are claiming responsibility of d blast and boko haram are also claimimg to be responsible for abj bomb blast

  5. @ ozioma u re happy bcos is nt affected ur pples? Don’t worry hv it at d back of ur mine dat if d share dis country n it happened dat d emerge u south east with south south , south south pples will still marginalise u pples if u don’t knw go n make ur research very well.

  6. Na Aboki naaaa.. What do expect with all the power and money in Nigeria they are still the poorest,illiterates,undeveloped with freaking sickness, high death rate and now terrorism.. Only God can deliver them from their mumueism…

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