The younger brother of late Bimbo Ogbonna, wife of auto dealer Ikechukwu Ogbonna aka IVD, Oyindamola Martins has shared details of how his sister put fire to her matrimonial home which eventually led to her death.

In a recent interview with OAP, DaddyFreeze, Oyindamola revealed that after many years of sadness, physical and emotional trauma, the late Bimbo recently decided it was time for her to walk out of her marriage but she did not want to walk away empty-handed.

He shared that Bimbo told him that she had “sacrificed” her life for her husband, IVD and that she made him who he is today and cannot just walk away.

Oyindamola stated that Bimbo asked her husband to give her the documents of their property in Lagos so she can take possession of the property but he refused. He said Bimbo then vowed to burn the house so that both of them would not have it.

“She said since this is the only house we have, let us burn it so the two of us would leave with nothing”

According to him, Bimbo poured kerosine on herself and then threatened to burn herself but IVD who was home at the time failed to persuade her not to do so. Bimbo’s brother said she then set fire to their curtain and held on to IVD but he allegedly pushed her into the burning curtain which consumed her. She had 100-degree burns.

As she was lighting up the whole house, she poured kerosine on her body and was like let everything just end. After she did it, she stopped for a while and went round the house. He was not saying anything. He was like ‘if you want to die, die‘.

Oyindamola said at this point, Bimbo set fire to their curtain.

“As the curtain was burning, she now jacked him and was like you will give me this papers today. He pushed her off his body and this got her into the curtain.”

“She suffered from a hundred degree burns. That takes like about of a couple of minutes to get 100 degree burns. When she was on fire, her husband was right in front of her doing nothing.”

He revealed that Bimbo was the one who ran out by herself and asked for help to be taken to any hospital. He shared she was rejected by 10 different hospitals before they finally found one where she was admitted.

When asked about allegations that the late Bimbo helped her husband carry out some ritual exercise, Oyindamola said he can’t confirm the truth in that however, it is something Bimbo could have done because she loved him so much.

He also shared that he isn’t sure if IVD has HIV or not.

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