A Nigerian father has said he advised his son not to date any girl who hails from a poor background.

In a tweet shared on his handle, the man stated that from his own dating experience, he has come to understand that most of them don’t believe in love.

He wrote in his tweet,

“I told my son yesterday to avoid dating a girl from a poor background. In my dating experience, most of them don’t believe in love, they just want to escape their unfortunate conditions. More so, they’re the saviors their families are banking on to lift them out of poverty.

They don’t appreciate little things; they believe you can do more.”

In other news, a Nigerian lady set her boyfriend’s apartment in Borokiri, Port Harcourt, on fire in a fit of rage after she reportedly caught him with another woman.

According to viral report, the girlfriend had paid a surprise visit to her boyfriend in his home when she walked in on him with another woman.

A confrontation ensued, after which the boyfriend escorted out the other woman he was with.

Before he returned, his irate girlfriend had cut up all of his clothing with scissors and set fire to his apartment.

On returning to the house, the boyfriend met his apartment in total ruins.

A video shared online by a eyewitness, showed that most of the guy’s belongings, including a TV, fan, toilet, and bed, were burnt beyond repair.

The lady was later nabbed and handed over to the police.

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