lie lie1

One thing people should always note when they want to tell lies on Social media is the fact that there will always be people who have all the time in the world to point out your lie for you… Hehe. So you’d better structure your lie well before you make a total fool of yourself…

This twitter user shared a photo of herself wearing a ‘supposed‘ graduation robe and cap and shared it on twitter – saying despite the fact that she has a criminal record and people said she won’t make it in life, she still did!

lie lie

Well, a tweep who has time in his hands did his homework on the photo and discovered some things were not right with the tweet – Ph.D graduates don’t wear standard caps & gowns, Yale University caps and robes are black not blue!

lie lie1

lie lie2

lie lie3

They also noted the date on the cap and the date she made the tweet. Savage!

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