Woman predicts death

A thrilling video which shows a woman predicting her own death days before she was killed in a suspected honour killing has hit the internet.

The woman, known as Soni, is seen speaking to camera from inside a toilet on a moving train in India.

She says:

“My father and my brother want to kill me, that’s why they are taking me back to my village. My life is in danger.” The 26-year-old, speaking into her headphone mouthpiece, adds:

“If something happens to me, these people will be responsible. I want to marry Imran.”

It is not clear when the video surfaced but it was widely circulated on Tuesday – by then, the woman was already dead.

According to NDTV, Indian police visited her village in Hathras in the state of Uttar Pradesh after coming across the clip.

They have reportedly filed a complaint and charged six members of her family, including her parents and four brothers – who are all believed to be at large.

Senior officer Ram Moorat Yadav said:

“With the help of the video clip we got all the information. “Treating it as an FIR [first information report], we have registered a complaint against six of them.”

It comes after the family, which lived in Mumbai, allegedly took Soni to their village in Uttar Pradesh after finding out about her relationship with another man.

Her body was exhumed on Tuesday, but a post-mortem examination was not able to establish how she died. Forensic tests are ongoing.

A neighbour, Mohammad Shahid, told the news channel:

“We were told the girl is dead. It was 5am. We went to the house and were told she was buried according to Islamic rituals.” It is believed that officers are also in the process of finding the man Soni mentions in the video, Imran.

The police say they do not have any details yet of when and where the video was filmed, but have said it is possible that someone filmed the video for her.

Typically, honour crimes involve violence committed by people who want to defend the reputation of their family or community.

Victims are often accused of bringing shame upon his or her family. This can happen when a person starts a relationship with someone of a different background or takes part in non-traditional activities.

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