Kris N Cait

This gets more awkward by the day, but to some people, they getting used to it. I’m having a hard time getting used to it though…

This once upon a time couple were photoed together at last night’s Victoria Secret show where their daughter, Kendall Jenner, made her debut.

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While the transgender, Caitlyn rocked a black dress with a huge opening at the side, Kris Jenner looked ravishing in her glittery floral dress.

More photos:

Kris N Cait1

Kris N Cait2

Kris N Cait3

Kris N Cait4

Kris N Cait5


  1. If she like, mak she chng 2 wateva she feels lik, it doesn’t affect me in anyway nd I wont share in her purnishment on d day of reckoning!

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