Nigerian fisherman reveals

A Nigerian fisherman has revealed the shocking contents of a bottle he recovered from a river during a fishing trip.

In a video shared online, the fisherman disclosed that he had seen different bottles in the river before but decided to collect this one to see it’s content.

He then proceeded to break the bottle on a stone on the riverbank, and showed the disturbing things inside.

Nigerian fisherman reveals

The fisherman found the pictures of a young man and a woman, and a handwritten note stating that the couple will never leave each other.

On the back of the pictures, the perpetrator also wrote the full names of the people – Newton Omorogbe and Glory Abhuluimen. Other unidentified items were also discovered in the bottle.

Appalled by his discovery, the fisherman decried the wickedness in the heart of men, and wondered why anyone would go to such length to achieve a heinous goal.

Watch the clips below,

In other news, a Nigerian woman, identified as Tomi Adenuga, has shared how pupils, including her children, escaped unscathed after a truck lost control and rammed into their school.

According to Tomi, the incident happened on Monday, February 7, 2023.

She said the truck removed the school gate and crashed inside, but there were no casualties. Continue reading here

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