From Nairaland:

I’m typing this with heavy burden in heart. I’m getting crazy and weeping.

I met this lady over 6 years ago during my higher institution days, she was a fresher while I’m in my semi final year in school. Things were going well, we had sex after two years of the relationship(I’m the one that disvirgin her).

I have been very caring, stood by her and also,I let go of any ladies that comes my way. I didn’t want anything that will stain the relationship. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect however I have been trying my best to make her feel comfortable, loved and happy.

I started feeling comfortable and worried about my future with her because I discovered that anytime we had a misunderstanding, before you know it she has find a guy she will be dirty chatting with. She always say she’s doing that to hurt my feelings.

I proposed last year, met her mum and one of her uncle and introduced her to my parents officially. Presently, waiting for her extended family to send the list for the traditional marriage.

I traveled to Ibadan on Friday to spend the weekend with her, on Sunday I just took her phone to watch movie when a Whatsapp message, I checked it and I replied the message.

The guy called her, she was reluctant to pick the phone, she picked and spoke with the guy. After which the guy messaged her on Whatsapp that he called to confirm she’s the one chatting with him and not her bf.

I play along and started chatting with the guy. The guy was telling her to come visit him, I started twisting the guy and he was splitting out how he won’t touch her when she comes. I confronted my girl, it took her over 8 hours to confessed that they had sex.

Jesus! This is a lady I invested a lot on, build my world around, every other ladies are poo in my presence. Even when I had 1000 of reasons to let go, I still stay with her but right now my world is shattered, I’m going crazy.

I need help because I’m dying, where will I start from (I’m 30 years old). Every negative thought of this world is running through my mind (from committing suicide to killing the guy to making the girl useless to herself for the rest of her life)



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