“My name is Debbie, a 26-year-old woman. I got married just two months ago but I am not sure I can continue in a marriage where my husband is such a shameless cheat.

You won’t believe that just one week after our wedding, I caught my husband, Segun, in bed with my best friend and bridesmaid, Tinu, having sex.

I met Segun during my youth service in Rivers State and we initially became friends before he asked me out some weeks later. I was not in a serious relationship at that time and did not really want one but Segun kept putting pressure on me.

After playing hard to get for months, I decided to give him a chance and we started a relationship. In truth, Segun turned out to be the kind of man I have always dreamt of as he was not only very romantic but loving, caring and quite generous.

When we came back to Lagos, he took me to meet his mother and introduced me as his wife and she took to me immediately.

He also came to introduce himself to my parents who also accepted him. When he met Tinu who has been my best friend from secondary school, the two of them became close.

One thing with Tinu is that she has always been that free girl who did not attach any importance to anything. She even treated her relationships as mere affairs and she was wont to hop into bed with any man who caught her fancy.

But I never ever thought she and my man would go to that length because even if I did not trust her, I trusted Segun never to fall into her snare. But how wrong I was thinking he would stand out?

When Segun proposed to me, Tinu was there and pretended to be very happy not knowing she was scheming to destroy me.

We got married in July and I was already two months pregnant. I had to take some days off work to rest following the stress that came with the wedding but Segun had to resume work the following Monday, so I was left at home most of the time as many of my friends and siblings also had to go to work.

Segun hardly closed late from work but since we got married, he started coming home late, giving one excuse or the other. If it was not a meeting and workload, it would be the heavy traffic.

The day I caught them in bed was a Saturday, a day he normally closed at 2 pm but when it was 4 pm, I called him to find out where he was and he told me he was still busy at the office.

The house was so boring and I called Tinu to ask if she could come to my place but her number was busy and I decided to go and stay at her place with the idea of calling Segun to pick me up there whenever he closed.

I took a taxi to Tinu’s place which was not too far from our house and the first shock that confronted me was seeing my husband’s car parked inside Tinu’s compound. The sight raised some alarm bells in my head but I pushed such thoughts away and made straight to Tinu’s apartment.

Luckily for me, the door was not locked and I pushed it and lo and behold, there was my newly wedded husband and my bridesmaid on the couch having sex. It was my scream that announced to them they had an intruder.

That was all I remembered as I woke up two days later in the hospital to find out that I had lost my baby. I am now in my sister’s place and all attempts by Segun, his siblings, mother and friends to get to me have been abortive as I have switched off my phones and I am not ready to listen to any of them.

But I have vowed to make sure Segun and Tinu suffer for what they did to me and no amount of pleading would ever make me change my mind.


– From Pulse.



  1. My dear sister leave everything in the hand of God you don’t have to do anything to them,although the pain is not easy but just leave it for God.

  2. Such a chitter of a hb dear let it be go back to your home and pretend you don’t know anything, see you will see him under your control den he will realize his misfortunes just get yourself well in your sisters house and go back to your home let him b and he will know what he has done try to go back to your home please, you will be suprice of how he will be on your control bcs he has sell his dignity as a man in the house

  3. Don’t leave ur home
    Go back 2 ur husband, at d altar twas 4 better or worse, u’ve made dat vow already …God won’t be pleased wit u if u break dat vow just bcos of ur husband
    Nd wen u return home, ur marriage will be among d best bcos ur husband will submit himself 2 u, he will do all 2 please u bcos he knows he’s Nt worth it anymore…… Men are just full of surprises

  4. Dis is not a new tin,somtyms if I see dis kind of story I just overlook it go yo another story.niy really a new tin ppl shudn’t get partubed about it.

  5. One thing with women is that they love those who tells them what they want to hear not the truth. Romantic, loving, generous etc. At first caring and loving woes them easily without looking to know inwardly to know the persons character. Secondly, you played hard to get and now your in his trap abi? He just used you for a game simple. And finally, if you know anything that you want to do to both of them wether pouring acid, going to native doctor, shooting etc please do because people are fond of playing with someone’s heart.

  6. you have what Tinu is looking for and Tinu likes what you like, you allowed emotion to rule you and ruining your life, its unfortunate you caught him and know whom he is,keep what you have and accept your husband as you acce
    pt Tinu , understanding whom you are and people weakness is love in action. once you love someone , you must accept his weakness, no perfect man in the lap of a willing woman.

  7. your friend happens to be the shameless whore that she is, but dont let that destroy your happiness. she is an intruder of peace and u should treat her as such. just dont let go of your man


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