Olamide Baby Mama

It’s become somewhat a trend, amongst most of our Nigerian celebrities, but not only Nigerian celebrities though, as it’s more than common with international celebrities. It has even become a tradition to have a baby mama in some foreign countries.

Let’s not talk much about foreign baby mamas, let’s talk about ones more closer to us! Let’s talk the baby mamas of Nigerian celebrities!

Tania Omotayo here – not a baby mama, Sophia Momodu there!!! These are two popular baby mamas of two popular Nigerian music artistes. They’ve made headlines even more than some Nigerian entertainers… no kidding!

But unlike baby mamas like Tania and Sophia, there are some other celebrity baby mamas who actually aren’t all that famous and all..


Olamide Baby Mama

Every single month she carried his baby was a hit! Back to back! From the 1st trimester, to the 2nd… and the 3rd!!! Still she ain’t famous!!! Ko ni da fun iyalaya anybody!! Miliano ti take over!!

Okay, that’s just me kidding… don’t get too sentimental… *tongue out*.

Little is known about this stunning lady said to be the mother to controversial rapper, Olamide’s son. All that’s known is her name, Adebukunmi Suleiman and the fact that she is said to be the mother of Olamide’s child.

The rapper hasn’t confirmed yet, if she’s the actual baby mama and neither has she denied the motion too!

So! Onto the next one!

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