Journalist David Hundeyin lashes

Nigerian journalist, David Hundeyin, has criticized Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the House on the Rock Church in Lagos State for preaching about “Moving On”.

The clergyman had taken to the micro-blogging platform X to share a video where he was addressing his congregation about the importance of moving on.

 Journalist David Hundeyin lashes

His words,

“Samuel had invested so much prayer for nearly 28 years praying for Saul. Saul was doing well for a while until he started to make the wrong turn and is still praying God, ‘God please fix him’’. He even exhaults Saul and Saul is not listening. And one day he was talking to God and God said ‘Stop talking to me about the past for as long as you keep talking to me about the past, I can’t talk to you about the future and even if I did you wouldn’t hear me because you are consumed with the past.

 Journalist David Hundeyin lashes

‘But Saul is still on the throne?’, Its still past. And he might be on the throne for another forty years, but he is still past. I don’t have to use the throne to bring a king into play. I don’t have to win a battle through the king I can win it through a boy. So stop talking to me about what is past.

Some of you are so attached to something in your yesterday and you want closure from God, you want closure from Saul. You are not necessarily going to get closure. You must now learn how to move on without having to have closure because if you have to have closure, it means that you need to have an explanation from God and if you have to have an explanation from God, it means that you don’t really trust God”

Watch him speak below,

However, some netizens opined that the clergyman posted the video because the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal are planning to deliver their judgement on Wednesday, September 6.

David Hundeyin, who also reacted to the post, heavily criticized Pastor Paul for advising people to move on.

He tweeted,

“Dear base character for the pastor in King of Boys, I promise nobody asked you.

Plus your family doesn’t even live in Nigeria, so of course, it’s very easy for you to urge people to “move on” because you have no skin in the game, you corrupt flaming asshole.”

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