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Nigerian comedian, Emmanuel Iwueke popularly known as Craze clown, has recounted his conversation with his friend’s brother who didn’t know what a travel visa is.

Crazeclown, in a post shared via Twitter, disclosed that he was having a chat with his friend’s brother about a travel visa but he had no idea what it was despite having travelled across Europe and North America.

Craze Clown shares

He said the more he tried explaining what a visa is to his friend’s brother, the more he got confused that people needed a ‘sticker’ to travel to another country.

Speaking further, the 31-year-old comedian clarified that his friend and his brother are from Sweden and have never needed a visa to gain entry to any country, unlike Nigerians.

Crazeclown tweeted,

“I was arguing with my friend’s brother because he said he doesn’t know what a visa looks like. Hear me out! They are from Sweden and the boy has never gotten a visa on his passport but has traveled the whole Europe and North America.

“I had to start explaining that it’s a sticker that they will place on your passport to allow you enter a country … The more I explained, the more confuse he got and he said ‘you need a sticker to go on vacation?’ … I just weak,

“Naija – 1 Craze – 0”

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