A nanny of a popular creche in Lagos, was allegedly caught on CCTV intentionally breaking a baby’s knee.

In series of Twitter thread, a Nigerian author, Bayo Adeyinka who claimed the creche was managed by his wife, recounted the incident and how the nanny was exposed.

According to him, the nanny intentionally broke the baby’s knee to give the school a bad name, so she could start her own creche without any competition in the area.

Narrating the incident and how they were able to salvage the situation he tweeted,

“The Law of Recovery
When I got the call that day a few years ago, I knew there was trouble. Big trouble. My wife called that a caregiver had broken the leg of a baby at the crèche. Was it an accident?

“I asked her to rush down to the school and take charge of the situation. She was actually on her way for a course she registered for. When she got to the school, she played back the CCTV with the parents of the child in attendance.

“She didn’t believe the initial story she was told about the child falling down because all the floors were heavily padded. The child’s leg was already in plaster-of-paris.

“During the playback, the two caregivers in that particular class were caught on camera hitting the knee caps of the poor girl. That was enough as the parents screamed in agony.

My wife requested for the two care-givers, put them in the school bus and drove them to the police station. After writing her statements, the caregivers were detained. When she called me, I knew I had to rush back to Lagos.

“I got to Lagos about 10pm and we both headed to the home of the parents. We spent an hour at their gate before they opened. They were livid and rightly so. It was a night I won’t forget in a hurry. We were told the child had been dropped with her grandparents in Owerri.

“That night, my wife bought 3 tickets to Owerri and early the next morning, my wife, daughter and I were on a plane to Owerri.

“We had collected the number of the grandparents but we had no assurance that they would be willing to see us. When we got to Owerri, a vehicle I had arranged picked us up.

“I asked the driver to take me to the best supermarket in Owerri and he took us to one not far from the airport where I bought a choice wine and my wife got a big toy for the child. I also got some kolanuts in line with Igbo tradition. The parents of the child are Igbo

“I put a call to Grandpa, introduced myself and told him I was already in Owerri to see him. I pleaded that he should tell me his address. I still remember clearly that it rained that morning. After some back and forth, Grandpa reluctantly told our chauffeur his address.

“It was my wife’s first time in Owerri and I remember how she prayed right from our flight to Grandpa’s place

“When we got there, I presented the wine and kolanuts and asked for forgiveness. My wife was on her knees as she accepted full responsibility for what happened. Grandpa and Grandma brought out the girl and we saw one of her legs in POP.

“My wife was in tears. I presented the toy we brought and held the girl in my arms. We informed the grandparents of the actions we have taken including charging the caregivers to court.

“We could see that the grandparents were impressed and even surprised that we came from Lagos to Owerri. Before we left, Grandpa went into his farm to harvest cucumbers for us. That was when we felt some relief. We left around 3pm and headed back on our return flight to Lagos.

“When we got back to Lagos, we headed back to the parents house to give them feedback. Of course, the grandparents already informed them of what transpired. Then we now made an offer to defray all the medical expenses of their daughter.

“My wife also offered to reimburse them for their travel expenses to drop the girl with the grandparents. Finally, she offered the parents free tuition if they consider bringing the girl back to school.

“This was after we informed them that the caregivers had been charged to court and the CCTV video presented as evidence. That was really a very tough period for my wife as she had to go to court for the trial.

“It turned out one of the caregivers wanted to start her own crèche and she tried to sabotage the school so there can be a scandal- unfortunately for her, she was caught on camera.

“A while later, the parents called my wife. They told her they want to bring the girl back to her school as they were very impressed with the way the matter was handled. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the news.

“The baby started attending tuition free but after some time, the parents paid of their own volition. But it didn’t stop there. The mother had a baby and she brought the new baby to the crèche also”.

See his tweet below,



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