Since Buhari was elected in 2015, the fastest way to make friends in the public is to say “This Buhari ehn”.

This one liner will be the common ground for lasting friendships based on a shared national frustration created by the president.

Tons of people who voted or campaigned for him have honestly come out to ask for forgiveness. Buhari came with the gospel of change when we were most vulnerable. When we were completely broken by the activities of terrorism. He promised to use his military expertise to send Boko Haram packing.

Four years later, Boko Haram is still having the time of their lives killing people at will, slitting the throats of innocent women and children when they are bored, bombing anywhere they feel will look good in ashes.

Buhari failed us.

We were on our own completely comfortable with the Naira/Dollar exchange rate of 250 when Buhari staggered out of Daura and told us that he will make one naira equivalent to a dollar. Anybody who believed this at the time is currently questioning their IQ level because what Buhari has done is the direct opposite. He turned Nigeria up side down making the economy stand on its head.

We became the poverty capital of the entire world. I mean, the giant of Africa becoming the poverty capital of the world? Buhari gave us a new example of what irony should look like.

Buhari failed us.

Letting the owner of hundreds of cows to become the president posed to be the greatest mistakes of all times when the herdsmen were on a rampage. They arguably have the backing of the president so they strutted into farms destroying people’s sweat and killing any impediment.

Under Buhari, an innocent profession like being a shepherd and a guide for cows became terrorism. The Fulani herdsmen became a terrorist group automatically because they walked the length and breath of this nation armed with guns and knives ready to sniff the life out of innocent land owners. Hundreds lost their lives to those cretins.

Buhari failed them.

The list of Buhari’s failures is honestly longer than his promises because after he failed to keep to his promises, he became bored and searched for more ways to fail us.

The 2019 elections is whispers away and Buhari is soliciting for votes. He’s campaigning. He wants to win again. He wants to remain in Aso rock.

Dear Buhari, how do you live with yourself? How do you feel when the entire country is weeping, when everybody has a different pain they are living with because of your presence as president?? How do you feel?

Days ago, that innocent girl was killed. Those monsters killed her. They gave you a deadline to negotiate her freedom and you let her die!

You failed her. Her family. This country. You failed humanity.

Rachel Leah is still there. She’s still bound by terrorists. An innocent young girl. You do not care anymore. After all you are campaigning for reelection. After all she’s not your child. After all you’ve seen worse deaths. Hers can’t deny you breakfast or lunch.

Buhari, do not fail this girl.

Stop being inhuman! Stop disrespecting common sense! Use it. If you don’t have, borrow. Ask people to help you.

You’re clueless at best. You do not know your left from your right.

Buhari, you have failed us.

We are tired of living with the reality that you’re our president. Resign!

Don’t come back to continue failing us because it seems like your default settings.

We are tired. We are exhausted from the news reel on Channels TV. We are tired of being ruled by a lifeless body. Go and rest. Your family needs you more. We do not need you.

Nigerians don’t! We do not want to see your picture hanging on the wall when we walk into banks. Just go!


To Daura, to anywhere you want to go. Drive yourself.

You know all the roads. Just leave us alone.

You have failed us. You should be ashamed!

Written by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu

Mark Anthony is a writer, social critic and commentator. He can be reached via [email protected]

He’s on instagram as Onye_mark



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