Dear Buhari, happy birthday o. But, how far?

You see, we all have agreed that voting Buhari was an avoidable mistake that we held our hands and walked into.

We fell for stupid things like “But, he’s a lesser devil”. Hello, devil is devil. The lesser one is even one to be more afraid of because he can get worse because all devils do is get worse.

We fell for “He’s broke na. He has cow in his village. He even played bet to raise money for campaign”

We fell for “Jonathan is a woman. He is so soft. We need a hard man”. We voted an hard man who not only showed his hardness. He made this hardness a national anthem.

Today is his birthday. 75 years old. He has tried. Months ago many wished him death and even prophesied that he will die because he was very sick. Very!

Today, he is still alive while some who said he should die are in the morgue chilling.

You understand?

I give it to him. He’s a stong man.

But, sir, can you please tone down this hardness? It is painful. It is paining all of us in different places.

It is paining me when there is no light and fuel sells for 180.

It is paining me when my friends lose their jobs because economy has k leg.

It is paining me when I’m on the road doing a 2hr trip and on the 4th hour I haven’t gone half way.

It is paining me that Christmas is here and I don’t have any savings.


Because since you came in, problems are like the five fishes and bread Jesus used to perform miracles. They don’t finish.

Even when they do, there are full baskets everywhere!

Please, we are not asking too much.

Eat money.

All of it.

But, give us road, light, water, standard education, standard medical systems.

Carry other money and go.


Happy birthday.

I won’t wish you long life and prosperity because you have both in abundance.


Written by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu.

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu is a writer and social commentator. He is on instagram as onye_mark. He can be reached via markanthonyfoundation(at)gmail(dot)com



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