A video shared by @marymoore009 of her boyfriend and now fiancé proposing to her on her sign-out day amid all her peers has led to speculations online.

The lady shared the video with the caption Doible congratulations💃💃🎊🎉🙏❤️,” expressing her joy at this development in her life, yet many have remarked that her expression in the video did not convey such emotions, rather she looked very uncomfortable.

The lady had just finished her final exams and was celebrating by having friends, peers, and others sign on her white shirt, a tradition practiced in Nigerian Higher institutions when she was caught by surprise by her boyfriend going down on one knee to pop the question.In the video the boyfriend could be seen holding her firmly as he waited for her answer, she eventually replied yes but did not look too pleased at the decision she just made.

Many netizens advise her not to force herself into a marriage she doesn’t want, while others argue that she was just being shy and did not want to appear on camera.

Read some of their comments here;

@jessysplash Anty u no like this man

@R-jay Make una calm down …nah him train am for school she had to 😭

@Praiser_0 U no like am … talk true , u just wan marry 😂😂

@Raeporsh1138 Why you Dey do like say you no like the man 😔

@Abuja Frame Vendor🖼️ Doible congratulations to you

@kindyix… Probably she’s a shy type

@raedah Are you happy or not???

@Maryekeoma1 aunty y u dey vex? u no like the man?

Watch the proposal video;

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