A Nigerian mother’s reaction to the AI-generated images her daughter sent her, has garnered hilarious comments from netizens.

The lady with the username shared @prettymimi057 the video on TikTok, in the video she had sent her mothers pictures of herself with a baby bump and the caption “Congratulations to me, It’s a boy”.

The lady who shared the video had employed the use of AI to create images of herself where she appeared pregnant and sent the images to her mother, who was unsurprisingly not amused at what she saw.

The lady’s mother replied in their native language Igbo berating her for the images she sent. She accused the girl of demeaning herself by having such images and went on to thoroughly scold her for her actions.

Netizens found the reaction of the mother amusing as they trooped to the comments section to leave hilarious responses.

Read some of them here;

@Brave the “ewu” WAs so intentional 😂😂😂

@Amy.billions Eewu took me out 😭😂 im rolling 😂😂😂

@Mr Cruise Ehu😂😂😂 she must be from anambra state 😂😂😂😂😂

@Sharon🤍♥️♉ 😂💔this is my mum speaking 😂

@PrettyPrecious🥰💦💫❤️ Eghu the senior brother of Ewu😂😂💔

@Free heart 😭😭😭😭. She nor get chill ooo

Watch her video here;

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