A TikTok content creator with the name, @sweet_sasha shares the prank she made on her unsuspecting house help to celebrate her day.

According to her, the girl has been staying with her since she was nine years old and has been of excellent behavior. So in appreciation, she made plans to hold a parlor party for her.

As a prank, she accused the help of stealing money from her when they got to the shop so that in the guise of taking her back home to pack her loads, she would enter her own party.

However, the reaction of the girl to the accusations tugged at viewers’ hearts as they thought it was extreme of the madam to play such a prank on the girl’s special day.

Read some of the comments in relation to the prank:

emmanuelsignatureevents: All I see is love she would have still pranked her own child like this 😂😂 😍😍😍😍 having a loyal and kind domestic staff is an underrated bliss 😊😊

itshelenpaul: I don’t like this prank abeg. On her birthday? I no get that mind o…. No kill me before you know say I no strong. 🚶🚶

nohpheesat: That prank wasn’t needed you stolee her joy already💔

thefunmilayooo: How are you people not seeing the sincerity in their relationship? The girl said,”mummy they’re jealous of us” it means this woman gives her an extra ordinary treatment that is enviable. May God bless us with good people

fragrancebyzomy: I know her very well, she loves her house help ehhh to the extent you’ll think she gave birth to her 😍😍

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