A homosexual man has responded to some trolls who swore to harm him after he disclosed his sexuality online.

Sharing a lengthy video via his TikTok page, he asked these trolls to let him and other people who are attracted to the same sex his be.

Adding that people are quick to judge others because of their sexuality, whereas they have a relative or close friend who practices the same.

The gay man who emphasized the need to allow people to choose their sexuality said he wouldn’t deny his sexuality for any reason.

He also went on to issue a warning to some trolls who swore to harm him because of his stance about homosexuality that he is more than prepared for them.

The clip captured him saying; “Your father could be gay and you do not know, you all are insulting me because I said been gay is not an abomination. Your fathers could be gay but you wouldn’t know because they married your mother as cover-up. I will continue saying it because everybody deserves to live. [sic]”

Below are some of the reactions;

@kachi_stan:  I’m still wondering how what people do in the private and comfort of their homes concern anyone. I can’t wrap my head around it. If you like men as a lady go for them, if you like women as a man good luck to you.

@taaatibg:  I don’t have business with what an advlt does with his/her privat3 parts in his room,but stop forcing it on childr3n!!! Let them decide what they want!

@zucch_nedu:  Everybody is free to live how dey wish.. but stop defending it like it’s a must to accept it

Watch the video below,

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