A Nigerian Guy is seeking for matured advise for his Friend, who fell in love with a lady who is HIV Positive.

“Dear YBL. There is this issue I want your readers to help me with. I need your followers opinion on this.

Here’s how the story goes. There is this my friend, who is dating a lady he met online. The relationship is serious of some sort. Now It just few weeks for them to meet, and then the lady told my friend she is HIV Positive.

The lady claims she is just trying to be truthful, by telling him the truth and still hopes they continue… My friend now wants to continue with the relationship.

Please is it safe to be in a relationship with someone who is HIV Positive?”



  1. She might want to test him to hw genuine he love her and if he will stay with her wen such happens,so my advice is let him continue and wen they meet they should both go for test to confirm if she is or not.

  2. I think it’s safe because I know someone who is HIV positive and happily married with kids. They could also seek medical advice to know what’s best for them and how to manage the situation but most importantly the lady should believe God for divine healing. There is nothing impossibile with God.


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