55 years aback, Millions of ebony shining skinned individual meddled in this part of the world to form a country named Nigeria. From the stand point of crudeness, how ignorance bred colonialism – A sting never to be forgotten.

Those brutal stripes our fathers had borne so much hard work for no cost, we were slaved night and day. Although split into various clusters of ethnicity, colonized by people who saw us not as humans but as animals.

At the clock of 1914, we were amalgamated, controlled by one head light of power. As time went on, the baton of leadership was dragged from the hands of our dear colonial masters. We debated between Military rule and Democracy but weigh more in strength for Democracy we have only but stood for one government, a government for the people as the rule of law prevails over all ramifications.

Through this journey, states were formed out of regions, split into diversity, yet we have survived all attacks on unity. We have delved together in pains, cried alongside in times where blood was shed. We have held strong to oneness, moved from one tenure to the other and are proud to stand Head’s high to corruption with a blossoming economy. We have learnt to love, to accommodate justice in our hands to prevail over diversity.

From the North to the South, to the West and East, Nigeria being so rich in nature’s heritage has produced fertility. We have a large choice of wealth, ranging from Agriculture, Oil-produce and other Natural minerals.

Education had spread forth it’s wings and has embraced us to knowledge, we have held strong wisdom as key and has wroth wonders in and out of this dear country of ours.

We are 55 years stronger today. From crudeness, we have journeyed through ignorance to certainty, moved from dependence to freedom. We are a sovereign Nation, self subsistent, so powerful in influence. We are the Gaint of Africa-Nigeria.


And a Happy Independence Day to our most distinguished readers! Have a wonderful day!

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