I also can’t wait for my big day – To marry a virgin wife……and Yes Marry as a Virgin. Lol

Apparently, in Nigeria, it’s customary for guys to think that all Ladies have one time being drilled at one point in their lives..I was discussing with someone the other day, and he said: “All Girls and Guys in Nigeria aren’t virgin..that he trusts no one..not even his sister or junior brother”…I slapped him, because he was staring at one. Yes! Me!

Anyway, here’s a beautiful story of Akinade and Olufunto, 28, 24, who met and fell in love in 2012!..and they married a virgin…


It’s unfashionable for people to wait for sex until marriage. But these people kept their virginity until the big day (or night).


Their names are Akinade and Olufunto. They do not follow the fashion, but rather stick with the Word of God. That is why the couple was able to preserve their purity and virginity for so long. They believe the truth about being temples of God.

The couple met in 2012 during a seminar. They did not hurry and decided to make sure: they both fall in line with what God has for them. Here is what they say:

“Love is patient… A year, right?”


They were praying and reading the Bible, waiting upon the Lord. And only in 7 months they entered the relationship and started dating. Some people think such decisions are foolish, but in reality, it’s stupid to pick a mate for your life in a hurry.


Both of them have strong personalities, so they took their time to get used to one another and to tune up. They worked hard to make the relationship work for them.

Many people today complain saying: she does not work for me! That’s not true. Mostly it’s you failing to work on your relations!

Finally, the man decided to propose and made it very romantically. It’s important to store up as many positive memories as you can for your future life to help you two overcome the troubles.




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