HIV Test: Know Your Status

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I just want all of you to see this.

Today marks the 3rd anniversary I lost Ada, my childhood friend to Aids.

She didn’t get it through sexual intercourse, she didn’t contact it through blood transfusion, she didn’t contact it through contaminated needle but probably through the blade she might have shared with her sibling

Ada was the first child of her parents, she had 3 siblings. Her dad was a driver in Agip company, so they were well to do because he was paid well.
But he lived a promiscuous life, I remember the numerous women he brought to the house in the absence of his wife whenever Ada and her siblings travel for vacation.

I can still remember vividly the numerous fight he had with Ada’s mom over infidelity.

The whole problem started when Ada’s dad fell ill, he was taken to the hospital but his ailment would stop temporarily only to come back again. He had an unending cough, chicken pox and other sickness.

He was taken to the church later on because everyone thought it’s spiritual. They brought him back to the house when it didn’t improve either.
Different pastors and prayer warriors came to the house to pray for him too.

A huge handsome man that use to be the centre of attraction to women, became a shadow of himself. He became so bony and scary. His eyes popped out of his head and his cheeks sunk. He looked like a zombie and walked slowly.
I remember his wrapper falling off his waist whenever he walked for a short mile and he will b so weak to pick it up.

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Rumours started going round that he was suffering from Aids. While some persons believed it was a spiritual problem.
He later died after some months and his wife became sick alongside her last child, Victor.

That was when it dawned on everyone that is Aids. She was placed on Anti retroviral drugs alongside her last child.

People in the neighbourhood avoided her, and her house help also ran away.

Before my mum would go to the market to sell her wares, she would call I and my siblings indoor and begged us not to play with Ada or go to their house to see movies like we use to.
She told us to run away whenever we see her.

I remember how she flogged me with firewood for allowing Ada come to the house to play.

Ada’s mom later died alongside her siblings and she went to live with her Uncle only to be returned after 7 months when she started having symptoms of Aids too.

Nobody took care of her and she died later on. She was just 13yrs old when she died.

HIV/AIDS is real, know your status.

For the teens out there, abstain from sex or use condom.

For the married men out there, remain faithful or use condom

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