A Nigerian guy Bayo, has shared pictures of himself dressed as a female.

Bayo seems to be following the footsteps of Nigerian gay man, Bobbrisky, who dresses like a female and flaunts his gay lifestyle openly.

He has, however, denied being gay. In an Instagram post, Bayo, said he was simply trying to be himself in a world that was trying to make him someone else.

“Something else is the greatest accomplishment…. (AmHotterDanYaGyalDem) ok bye! I can’t apologise for the person I choose to be….. I watch friends take a walk and doors bang shut in my face cause I am not the certain “fixed” being people expect me to be,” he wrote.







  1. These guys have discovered that this kind of high level prostitution pays in our society as there are big men and politicians who would pay good money to befriend them. That’s why they are all forsaking shame and ‘coming out of the closet’. The oldest hustle in the world still pays. Smh

  2. Get busy n do something good with ur life,, stop seeking attention,, don’t make ur mama wished she would HV aborted u n don’t MK d devil laugh #GOD over ur life…
    Been hot won’t gv u straight flight ticket to heaven

    • Love ur neighbor as u love ursef so mma I don’t know what u make out of these.. In social network u are not meant to show how stupid u are. I can’t hate a nigga cos he is gay.. U are not better than him.. On the judgement day we will account for ourselves

    • Between me & u , who is stupid. Birds of d same feather folk 2 geder. I never hate anyone, but detest d evil dey do. Bin gay is evil. Bcos d fact still remains .only a man & woman are licenced by GOD in heaven. To marry , procreate and give birth 2 children. . D same way u r brought 2 d world.. Wise up. Don’t b fooled by perverts, to even love dem, Its a sure ticket 2 ,Hell .

  3. Hot body indeed!!!. The devil is working in u, dats y u r advertizing ur god forsaken body. But pls remember from dust u come, and 2 dust u I’ll go back.. . After death cums judgement. If I were u I’ll even detest d body. By concealing it. Dats hw u could hav saved urself from everlasting darmatn.

  4. your mates are inventing stuffs to help the situation of the country you are here arguing dat you are hot. how does that help the economy of this country or how does help to improve you to be useful to your society all you know is to wear female clothes and deceiv yourself dat you are hot when even as a man you are not even good looking. you better sit up if dey are following from your village go to a church let them wash your head very well. if you have mind post your address n phone number here if you are not scared of been arrested idiot you better go back n sleep n try n wake up like every normal person. oniranu

  5. more will be coming because of some useless politicians n occultic evil rich men dat patronize them n give them lots of money to increase their money, fame n power by using their glory in return. bobrisky was a broke ass before he met a millionaire dat gave him millions to date him. parents are partly to be blame sometimes because of husslin things some av neglected home children upbringin to outsiders to train d child. i was at a boarding school recently n saw children as small as 5 years in boarding because of d work schedule of d parents. they only visit on weekends, ow will they notice when d children are going astray because the child does not feel d bond with d parent. he only see d material things they provide. koboko could av corrected this initially when d parents notice this at d early stage will lots of one on one discussion to erase d madness from his head. parenthood goes beyond providing foods n money

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  7. Look, no repentance in d grave so Its in ur best interest u get it right now or is any one deceiving u of a special reservation in heaven?
    We d body of Christ won’t miss out on d last day when Christ shall come in his Glory IJN (Amen)

  8. Hotter!!! How??? With dat long spaghetti btw your Olumo rock thighs? See as im yansh be like pikin wey dem wear pampers. If e no be woman then e no fit be like woman own bc ours is well endowed from above by Baba God Almighty. May the Spirit of the Lord help you to say “NO” to sin/sexual demons in Jesus Name, Amen. Lord Jesus Christ, he needs your deliverance. I don’t hate him as a person but I strongly abhor the sin he commits. Thank you.

  9. You are hotter than a girlfriend… And I ask are you a girl so why are you in this competition with girls… Its either you are too stupid or suffering from inferiority complex and its senior brother identity crisis… If you need competition do so with your fellow guys not girls you demented pervert

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