Caitlyn Old Life

Quite popular transgender, Caitlyn Jenner has just given an insight that she doesn’t miss her old life as a man. This got people wondering; she doesn’t miss all the time she had with Kris and her children as a man and as a family ??

She said she is glad she can now be her “authentic self”.

In an episode of the Ellen Degeneres show, when she was asked if she misses life as Bruce, she told the talk show host:

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‘Absolutely, no. Because as a woman I can do all this fun stuff anyway. I can still play golf. I can still go race cars. There’s nothing better than to wake up in the morning and be able to be your authentic self.” ”The things I’ve learned over the last few months [have] just been overwhelming. My experience is very different than anyone else’s.’

She doesn’t miss one year out of the 25 good years she had with Kris Jenner ? Oh well…

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