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Bottom line is..Always use protection, HIV/AIDS doesn’t signal itself on someone’s face. Wanna have raw sex? Then stick to one partner.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms that may come with HIV infection Avery interesting article make sure you grab your popcorn:

1. Fever:

If you have practiced unprotected se.x, watch out for fevers as a symptom of HIV. Early after being infected by HIV, you may experience flu like symptoms.

This can include a low grade fever that does not respond to medication. You may experience night sweats as a response to the fever. The fever is an inflammatory reaction to the virus entering your blood stream.

2. Sore Throat

Sore throat may be an early indicator of HIV infection. This may be an early symptom as the body reacts to the viral infection. It can also occur later in the disease as the infected individuals immune system becomes compromised.

Sore throat may be caused by thrush in the mouth or esophagus, and ulcers. Chronic throat problems should be checked out by your family doctor.

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