If probably the dance group were out of female dancers to twist and whine for a performance, then these grown men were definitely up to the task as they filled in perfectly.

A video which was shared on the web shows a rather unusual group of dancers putting on an impressive display of dance moves to an audience that cheered them on as they performed.

What makes the group unusual is how an odd duo fit perfectly well into the group that had to whine their waist in the most flexible way possible — the duo, comprising of two gentlemen, joined a group of women dancers and while there might be no surprise in seeing the women whine their bodies, the men left netizens stunned with how they moved their bodies.

For many, the men are really better dancers than most ladies could ever be.

Watch the video as you scroll,

In other news, a Nigerian man declared that he has taken it upon himself to start a fight against indecent dressing in Bayelsa state.

The man, a popular MC in the state identified as Eminent Alu, on Wednesday, June 15, announced his plan to flog ladies in the state who are indecently dressed in what he tagged “the fight against indecent dressing.”

According to Alu, his campaign against indecent dressing in the state will start on Saturday, June 18.

“NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE. I will soon start my operations fight against indecent dressing in bayelsa State. I will be carrying Water cane rubbed with Peper around the street of Yenagoa to flog heal out of those half naked girls walking in the street of yenagoa, starting from Saturday 18th. The general public should take note. Mc Wolowolo”.

See his post here

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