In 2014, popular kenyan runs girl, Huddah Monroe, posted a photo of the lady named, Sandra Otieno, on her Facebook page and blasted her for trolling.


The photo went viral and Huddah Monroe’s fans started trolling Otieno calling her ugly.

Jacky Sandra (BEFORE)
Jacky Sandra (BEFORE)

Almost three years later, social media can’t believe the transformation she has undergone believed to be as a result of surgery and proper bleaching.

According to her Facebook account, Otieno is currently in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jackie Sandra [AFTER]
Jackie Sandra [AFTER]
Jackie Sandra [AFTER]
Jackie Sandra [AFTER]

Interestingly, Huddah Monroe, the runs girl who made people call Sarah Otieno ugly, herself was a product of bleaching and plastic surgery.

Jacky Sandra Otieno (BEFORE & AFTER)
Jacky Sandra Otieno (BEFORE & AFTER)


  1. Who bleaching don epp? Bleach or no bleach, ugly or beautiful,a man who God designed for you will simply love and marry you d way you are.. all that matters is your personality,wifely attributes,your good heart,and your man will come.

  2. After u bleached yourself now, do u feel happy? Remember Micheal Jackson? He’s dead.. He did plastic surgery just because he got tired of been called a black monkey?
    My sister all these story ain’t important just get ready to face d consequences of bleaching.. ‘ Eya Doh’

  3. hmmmm,Mr ,I seee !!!!!!I can see u need attention, abeg I wan sleep o,cos u need goggle,or if possible,u can’t differentiate colours, sleeping tins on my mind,at least u read what I wrote up their,seeing is believing,gudu nite nu,tomoro we continue from were we stopped@james

  4. If at all the story is true.
    I think you’ll have more people insulting you now that you bleached than you had when you were with your natural complexion. And I join the pple to say you’re such an ingrate.

  5. Is bleaching ur skin the best, we’re wonderfully made cos everything created by God is beautiful, if this post is true there’s an after effect to the skin of people that bleached, all the best tho.

  6. This is the product of plastic surgery not bleaching… I bet she spent nothing less than 1 million dollars on this surgery……. At last if she born the pikin go still look like her old self…. If people say ‘am ugly, I will simply say thank you and go home one man’s poison is another’s food. You were more human back then did now you’re more like a w****

  7. Awurama Quansimaah Quansah. I don’t respect my melanin or whatever, but I respect God so much that I can never touch or destroy what He created in the name of beauty and that’s why I can never support anyone bleaching or doing anything to tamper with what God created. But the way u responded to comment is rude and very bad, u can u can say ur opinion without being insulting. Pls learn how to comment in a mature manner.

  8. Leave them….Skin cancer is calling their name and they’re answering the call already. I don’t really think they know the components of these so called creams, they’re made from chemicals that burns off the original skin colour,it removes the protective layer of the skin and makes the skin prone to UV rays from the sun which destroys the skin!!!

  9. Dɩɖ ىɧҽ aɭىɷ ųŋɖҽɾɠɷ pɭaىtɩc ىųɾɠҽɾʏ cʑ ɧҽɾ ҽʏҽى, ŋɷىҽ ŋ mɷųtɧ cɧaŋɠҽɖ tɷɷ ɷɾ tɧҽ bɭҽacɧɩŋɠ cɧaŋɠҽɖ ҽm… Tɷtaɭɭʏ ɖɩʆʆҽɾҽŋt pҽɷpɭҽ…

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