Hello Ybl, please I need your followers advice cux am about losing my 2years relationship.

I went to visit my boyfriend yesterday after work. So we were making love at midnight meanwhile the light was off, cux he usually switched off the light. So after the whole thing he went to the bathroom to refreshing up only for him to rush out with blood all over his lips.

OMG, I was actually on my mensuration when he was sucking me (we do have foreplay a lot) though I wasn’t expecting it then, it came out earlier and I wasn’t having any sign of it. I don’t know what to tell my boyfriend cux he slapped me saying I intentionally let him suck me while I was on my period but its not true. I have been trying to call him cux I left with anger this morning. He isn’t picking my calls or returning my messages, I can’t concentrate at work.

Please help me, I really want to let him know how sorry I’m, I don’t wanna lose him.



  1. Does he know d taste of blood, or d sweetness of the pussy got into his head. Any way, apologize and make him see d fact that u are actually telling him d truth,. Am a girl, and I know u are saying d truth cause most period comes unnoticed..

  2. He should go and refreshed his taste bud.must u cook stories up cos there’s no way u want to tell us that ur so called Boyfriend doesn’t know the diff.well as they say the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Since he’s not satisfied with the natural way of tasting it ,let him enjoy the conventional way.but again this showed how careless u are cos at times when u are in the mood and ready to plunge ur partner do say my period will come any moment and secondly it shows how dirty u are cos u would have been carrying that thing around if not for this guy.have u ever seen that always pad advert, I think u should take time to watch it cos u don’t wait for that thing to drop before u visit the chemist.this is o e secret of a woman.


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