Lagos is a busy and bustling place and it could be really difficult finding the perfect man as most of the guys you see on the roads are looking for ladies to devour.

Below are some of the simple ways of finding responsible and eligible single men in Lagos:

1. Attend weddings:
As soon as you step onto the ground of this lovely city, do not consider locking yourself up and staying within the confines of your house always. No man would come looking for you if you do not put yourself out there.

When you are in this large city, attend social functions as much as you can. Weddings especially would attract men from all works of life; make yourself attractive so as to be able to gain the attention of the men in that gathering.

Do not overdo it though, so you do not end up embarrassing yourself. However, if you play your cards well and get lucky to catch the bouquet, then you just might be lucky.

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