According to reports online, a lady, Ilerioluwa has been arrested at Ogudu in Lagos, after she cut off her neighbor’s tongue.

The victim, identified as Suleman Babangida is currently writhing in pain, as he says he cannot eat, or even take something through his mouth.


According to IB9ja, it is said Ilerioluwa cut off Suleman#s tongue for ritual purpose. The incident happened around midnight on Thursday, October, 5, 2017.

Narrating what happened, the victim, Babangida, said: “It was around 11:30pm when I came back home. Then when I was about to go and urinate at the bathroom, all of a sudden I just saw this lady that I usually call Ilerioluwa, at my back inside the bathroom.

I was like sister Ileri what’s happening, all of a sudden, she just choked my neck and I could not have the strength to scream out extremely. All I could see next was that my tongue had been cut down.”

Ileri was later arrested and the tongue retrieved from her. According to Babangida, she is currently being detained at the Kirikiri prison, after appearing in court on Friday.

Regarding his current condition, Babangida said: “Right now I can’t even eat or take something. I am in pain. The tongue can’t be reattached any longer. I’m not in any relationship with Ileri.

I respected her a lot and took her like a sister. She has nothing to say about what she did to me. The case has been adjourned till the 16th of this month.”



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