A young Nigerian lady, Hafeezah who’s quite known on IG for her hilarious and outspoken self, has taken to social media to share how everyone is running a different race.

Hafeezah, in a tweet which has caused a lot of people to react, used her life as an example to explain her statement — she shares how she gained admission into the university at 16 years for a 5-year course but now she’s almost 23 and is yet to graduate.

According to Hafeezah, who’s supposed to have graduated when she was 21, her graduation is not in sight even though she has spent 7 years in the university for a 5 year course.

The Law student shared her story via Twitter, writing;

”Got into the university at 16 for a 5 year course. I’m almost 23 and I’m still here. Carry your aspire to inspire asses away and realize that everyone lives through different circumstances. Let people breathe, please.”

Here’s how some people reacted below,



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