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A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to share the long list of provisions her younger brother in boarding school requested for.

According to @officialtomi1, her brother who is currently in Junior Secondary School 2 sent the list ahead of visiting day in his school.

Visiting day is a much anticipated day for boarding students as their parents are allowed to pay them a visit and bring food, provisions, school materials and other treats.

In anticipation of the special day, Tomi’s brother sent an insanely long list of things he wants his parents to bring along when coming to visit him and it contained ridiculous items.

The young lad requested for shawarma, pizza, pastries, fried rice, chocolate, soft drinks and so many junk food alongside other basic needs.

Tomi shared the list and wrote, “My younger brother in Js2 sent his visiting day list to us today and we don’t even know where to start from 😂😂😂😂”

See the list below

The tweet has sparked mixed reactions online as netizens assert that the list is possibly a cry for help and the young boy is either being underfed by the school or bullied by his seniors.

See how some reacted below,

@stunner_xoxo wrote,

“I went to boarding school and it’s possible some seniors made him include their own items on that list. It used to happen a lot. You have to be observant of his attitude when you get him these items and watch out for seniors loitering around and watching him”

@DanieleSulieman wrote,

“Even Traditional bride price Marriage List no do pass this one.🤣”

@iugbong wrote,

“All I see is food and a touch of other things 😂😂😂😂… sweetest part is that he misses you all and wants everyone in attendance. Start from the nonperishable foods my dear, every other thing can be optional and not too much so that it doesn’t get bad before dawn”

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