A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to warn young women against her abusive ex-husband.

The lady identified as Rael Gabriel alleged that her husband, Jamilu Gwarzala Dan-mutum, whom she tagged as abusive, recently stormed her mother’s house to pick up a fight with her.

Real went on to show the video which showed the moment Jamilu battered her in the presence of their daughter and her mother as evidence to corroborate her claim.

In the video, the woman is heard crying for help while her husband allegedly attacks her.

In a subsequent post, she revealed that their marriage would have been three years old by the 26th of this month, but she left her marriage over incessant domestic violence by her husband.

“So Jamilu Gwarzala Dan-mutum followed me to my mother’s house today, to come and fight me, he won’t look for his mates to fight o. I won’t keep quiet, let your sister or friend marry this person at her own peril. Let this be here as evidence.

“My mistake was I kept quiet, I didn’t have friends to even vent to, the one I vented to was rattle brained, rumors were being spread spoiling my name.
I was angry, I still get angry when I remember. Piling up anger is bad, Trauma is bad!!! I’m exploding mad cz this all brings memories. If you watched me very well, I never celebrated my first wedding anniversary.

It would have been 3 years on 26th of this month. I reported but was told it’s family matter, we should resolve it. Nigga told me nobody would ever believe me because he has a good reputation and friends in high places.” She wrote.

Watch video below,


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