“Yaba, please help me post this, don’t twist my words and keep my identity a secret please..

I’m in a relationship with this wonderful guy, our introduction has been fixed, to hold on December 30th, he’s everything I want in a guy, over caring, understanding, loving, just name it..

His family are wonderful, with his mum always doting on me, and my family See’s him as a perfect saint…
until recently I had no reason not to trust him, and i easily pick up fight with people that thinks “all guys are thesame”.

I have his fb account email and password, he’s also with mine and we keep no secret from each other as I thought…

Now the issue, I was less busy today and I went into his Facebook account, I regret doing that and I wish I could reverse that action, but its been done. so, back to the story, I went to his inbox and I came across this conversation he has been exchanging with this white lady for the past 3months.. its more like sexting with words like “I’d fck you hard when we see” then other messages like, “I love you baby”, ” I’d come visiting soon to hit the right spots, I’d ask you to marry me and I hope you won’t say no”.

I’m confused yaba, he acts too normal, even though I went through the conversation myself, I still can’t believe he can do such, right now, I don’t know what to feel or believe again, this will probably ruin my trust in men. Help me please.

– loyal fan.



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