You can’t be in Nigeria or in Lagos, and not have heard of the popular “Yoruba demons”. They are the heat of any Owambe party, they are the heart breakers, the sweet tongues, the prince charming and what have you…

We are not here to talk on the sweet and charming sides of this ethnic group’s men, but rather humorous things such as their mannerism, love for parties, social attitude and more.

Read these 10 absolutely hilarious tweets on Yoruba men.

1. Ludo board game in a Laptop bag. Who does that?! Yoruba boys!

2. They apparently don’t know how to hoot. *sighs*

3. Preach sister preach! It’s called “Ijabe”.

4. Cause they love to party. It’s in their genes.

5. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It’s an economical phenomenon.

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