Man dies

A 27-year-old Pennsylvanian man, Elliot Senseman, has died days after he was strangled by his 18-foot-long pet boa constrictor.

It was gathered that the long and thick reptile wrapped itself around Elliot’s neck which led to oxygen supply being cut off from his brain.

Man dies

He was pronounced dead on Sunday, July 24, after suffering from accidental asphyxiation that caused an anoxic brain injury.

The Police speaking on the incident said they received a call from a relative of Senseman on Wednesday, July 20, and went to his home.

When they arrived, they saw him lying on the floor unresponsive with the 18-foot boa constrictor wrapped around his body. The snake’s head was far from his body so they decided to shoot it.

Man dies

“Our officers responded and shot the snake with hopes of freeing the victim,” Lt Peter Nickischer of the Upper Macungie Township Police said.

The snake did not die immediately and slithered away before it was euthanized.

Lt. Peter said he has never seen anything like that in his 19 years of being in the police force and that the snake was “very long, and very thick.”

Sadly, Senseman passed away four days after the tragic attack.

The grieving mother of the deceased said her son often rescued snakes and was “still working with” the boa constrictor because it was very aggressive.


  1. This is a very big lesson to us
    For those that are still having wild animals as there pets..We better be more careful..
    R.I.P. Sir Elliot Senseman

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