A beautiful young married lady identified as Mary Skittlez, has taken to social media to flaunt the exotic gifts she got from her husband for her birthday.

The black American husband identified as @MrZothegoat, undoubtedly went over and beyond to make his wife’s birthday a memorable one.

He treated his wife to a surprise private jet trip, gifted her two new exotic cars – a Lamborghini and Rolls Royce, and loads of luxury clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories from top designers.

Sharing photos and videos which captured the moments her husband treated her to the different surprises, with her
233k followers, Mary gushed over him and noted that he’s everything she ever prayed for.

In her words,

“God took his time with you @mrzothegoat ! Baby you are everything I could have ever prayed for. You are patient, you push me, you are an amazing father, a provider, overachiever and so much more.Every single day you go to unusual measures to put a smile on my face. We struggled together slept on an air bed and sacrificed for our dreams to come true.

“Last year I made the biggest cash purchase on your car to show you my appreciation and this year you doubled it. 🤯God gave me my perfect match. I can’t believe you planned this surprise for 3 months without my nosy a$$ finding out anything. It’s more than the money you invested it’s the time and pure details.

You studied me, you understood what makes my heart beat and you pulled together each detail one by one. Haters will say it’s for the internet but that’s just because they can’t believe a BLACK MAN CAN LOVE A BLACK WOMAN LIKE THIS PUBLICALLY! We work hard daily in our businesses that we started over 10 years ago.

I wish the world becomes more open to women being loved properly! You got BEYONCE band from coachella (my favorite band in the world). The fireworks were my favorite colors…. like wtf🤯🤯! You got my dream car and in literally my exact favorite Pantone color.

I’m headed to my favorite country to vacation. I literally don’t know how I can thank you. You put a fire under me, November you gonna see who is boss! I am not one of them… We going down in history! I love you. (LOL help I need some ideas 🤣) If you are reading this thinking when is my soul mate coming, you must start loving on yourself first. Setting and meeting your own requirements first.

Then once you meet your soul mate it will be non negotiable of what’s required. I would re live all my terrible relationships over just to experience the last 8 years! To infinity and beyond baby! #normalizeblacklove”.

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