A Nigerian man alongside his friends have angrily stormed a pastor’s house and retrieved the car his wife gifted the man of God.

According to the Twitter user, Ziggy who shared the story on the platform, the man’s wife had gifted the said pastor two luxury cars in a space of two years.

It was learnt that at two different times the aggrieved man bought two car for his wife, but she ended up giving the cars to her pastor as a form of appreciation to him.

The man who was apparently angered by his wife’s action and could not bear loosing the second car to the pastor, stormed the pastor’s house in company of four of his friends to retrieve the car.

The tweet reads,

“My uncle and his friends went to collect the car their friend’s wife gave to her pastor…The 2nd one….in 2 years.🤣

“Husband came to complain that he bought her a car last December, she gave the car to the pastor.

“He now bought her another one last month, she gave to the same pastor 3 weeks ago. Omo the husband cry come o

“Dem reach pastor house. 5 grown men.
Uncle: do u know Mrs X
Pastor: aaah sister X. A very lovely sister. Is she okay?
Uncle: where is the key to the car she gave to u?
Pastor: I’m sorry?
Friend: we will start to beat you here now and shout like it’s you that’s killing us.
Pastor: gives them key because he didn’t come to die but live to declare the glory of God

“Uncle: anytime she gives u anything again, come and confirm from us before accepting it if not this ur church we will Scatter it in this Abuja.

Pastor: no problem sir”

See his tweet below,

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