Media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu, has expressed his concern about the current trend of women going to public places without bras.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Honest Bunch podcast, Nedu said he had noticed many ladies in malls without bras.

“Most of the ladies that go to Ebeano to buy stuff do not wear bras, and it’s a public place,” he said.

His co-host, actress Ezinne Jane Ugorji, added that women who claim they don’t wear bras because they are uncomfortable in them should at least wear them in public places out of consideration for others.

She said, “If you want to be comfortable, be comfortable in your own home because other people come to public places with their husbands.”

Watch video below,

Just recently, Nedu opined that having a side-chick can bring peace of mind to married men.

According to him, most men who have nagging wives are able to tolerate their marriage because of the peace of mind their side-chicks give them.

In his words,

“God bless every side-chick out there. Side-chicks give peace of mind to men. Sometimes, before the man reaches home, he will visit his side-chick’s place to cool off.

“So, when he arrives home and his wife starts shouting, ‘Papa Nkechi, where did you go?’, he will take it because he has already cooled off at his side-chick’s place.”

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