Leo marry

Reality TV star, Leo DaSilva has taken to social media to advise people against marrying someone whose family doesn’t like them.

Leo DaSilva marry

The 28-year-old enterpreneur gave this advise, in reaction to a Twitter user who narrated how his relative’s mother-in-law hated her so much to the extent that she refused to carry her child.

The Twitter user @DonteeWrites said the mother-in-law also blamed her after her son lost his job. He then issued a stern warning to women against making such a grave decision.

He tweeted,

“A relative married into a family that the husband mother did not like her, the hatred was so much that when she gave birth the woman came to greet them and did not carry the Baby, not quite long Husband lose job, the woman said na the wife cause am. Ladies, don’t try it o🤔”

Leo DaSilva marry

On sighting the post, Leo reiterated his point and noted that men should also desist from marrying into such family. According to him, life is too short to be surrounded by haters.

He quoted the tweet and wrote, “Even men don’t try it. If your in-laws don’t like you, no do am.”

“I know love is important and all but you can’t marry someone that their family doesn’t like you. Especially if the family is very important to them. This life is too short to deliberately be surrounded by haters till you die.”

See his tweet below,

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